February 2021

  • Puppy Coats

    Very little information is published on puppy coats but lots of myths, long established breeders and show people have lots to contribute from years...
  • Spring Has Sprung and Comes with a WARNING!

    Dog owners love Spring walks, the change to shed our wellies and have less to clear up. Did did you know some spring flowers can be harmful to dogs? Read Julie's Blog to find out which ones.
  • Understanding Breeds Grooming Needs

    Fur-bear or hair-bear?  Which breed type is best for you? Learn about the pros and cons of the different coat types and what that means for home grooming. How many cups of tea do you drink a day? If you groom your dog every time the kettle boils, you’ll keep on top of the knots and tangles whatever your breed. How to choose the right type of grooming tools for your breed. Simple tips like choose a comb with the right length pins is key to being more effective and reducing grooming time.