January 2021

  • Dogs Get Cold Feet Too!

    With the winter months bringing harsh snowy weather, wrapping up to go on a dog walk is essential. Lots of layers; boots, gloves and hats for us so we can play with our dogs in the snow. What a joy and a great opportunity to capture some idyllic photographs but most importantly we need to make sure we protect our dogs from these harsh elements as well. Whether you walk your dog in town or the countryside their paws need protection.

  • Student Support 2021

    2021 Level Student Support group

    We are now creating a more structured learning and revision environment for 2021 students. If you are planning to take your level 3 exam in June or November 2021 please feel free to join the group on our FB page - Student Support Level 3 2021. Don't forget to answer the questions.  We will be active from the New Year.

    Students only please.