March 2021

  • Inside Out Skin & Coat Health

    Whatever breed of dog you own, when it comes to grooming, the health of your dog’s coat starts from the inside out.

    As a groomer I have always taken a holistic approach and believe that perfection is more than fur deep. For dogs to look as good as possible they first need to be as healthy and happy as possible and that health starts with a balanced, nutritious, high quality diet.
  • Spring Has Sprung and Comes with a WARNING!

    Dog owners love Spring walks, the change to shed our wellies and have less to clear up. Did did you know some spring flowers can be harmful to dogs? Read Julie's Blog to find out which ones.
  • Student Support 2021

    2021 Level Student Support group

    We are now creating a more structured learning and revision environment for 2021 students. If you are planning to take your level 3 exam in June or November 2021 please feel free to join the group on our FB page - Student Support Level 3 2021. Don't forget to answer the questions.  We will be active from the New Year.

    Students only please.