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Inside Out Skin & Coat Health

Whatever breed of dog you own, when it comes to grooming, the health of your dog’s coat starts from the inside out.

As a groomer I have always taken a holistic approach and believe that perfection is more than fur deep. For dogs to look as good as possible they first need to be as healthy and happy as possible and that health starts with a balanced, nutritious, high quality diet.

I have been feeding my pack a raw diet for a while - Leroy has allergies - he is grain intolerant and so can't eat chicken which is grain fed, which drove me to start exploring options. I'm really excited to have found what I think will be the  perfect diet for my own dogs and I’d like to share it with you. Rawgeous Pet Food. We are a month in to the new diet and already I am seeing an improvement. I'll feedback on progress but I am so impressed with what I have seen so far that I cheekily got in touch with Rawgeous and asked them if they could give my readers an offer. They have generously agreed to offer all my customers an exclusive 30% off their first subscription. Sign up before the end of March and use the code JHG30 to claim 30% off the cleanest, safest, highest quality pet food on the market.


Here's Lorraine Sweeney, Managing Director of Rawgeous Pet Food to explain more:  
“A healthy gut means feeding your dog a diet that it would naturally eat in the wild. Rawgeous is richer than other dog food, made with human grade, human cuts of prime meat, and the correct balance of fresh vegetables and high quality probiotic seaweeds and omega oils.

We are proud to say that we create the safest, cleanest and most tested raw pet food on the market. We are the only raw pet food to send every batch, of every product to be independently tested for any bacteria or salmonella. UK DEFRA recommends that pet food manufacturers test every 6-8 weeks, so we far exceed the testing protocols and that means we have zero recall on our product! That’s unheard of in the raw food market!.

Rawgeous offers a diet so rich in nutrients, omega oils and probiotics that it can change not only your dog’s health but its temperament, energy levels and fitness. This is a diet that is perfectly balanced to meet your dog’s nutritional needs so you will see a calmer, stronger, more energetic and happier hound. We've consulted with experts in dog fitness, training and nutrition to develop a complete meal for your canine companion that after just 4 weeks will give them a glossier coat, brighter eyes, shinier teeth, sweeter smelling breath and wait for it… firmer stools.

We offer a  regular subscription model to fit into your busy schedule. This is a wonder-food; a product designed for the modern dog-owner, who is short on time, but focused on the health and welfare of their animal".


Well my dogs love it, that's a huge step. They get great variety too, I can choose from sausages, beef, salmon and single poultry or 3-bird mixes. Packs are frozen 500g so even though I have three big eaters and one teeny tiny eater I can be flexible with managing portions and storage. All packaging is recyclable card which feels I am also doing my bit for the environment.

I believe you get out what you put in. So to help your dog live its best life, sign up for a taste of the best raw pet food diet and use JHG30 to save on your first order.

For any product or subscription questions please email Lorraine Sweeney directly at:
or to find out more about the science of raw and why Rawgeous is unique visit

Don't forget to let me know how you get on and I'll be reporting back at the end of March on my own tribe!

Julie Harris


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