November 2020

  • All creatures great & small

    5 minute read

    The world of dogs is incredibly varied, no other species has such diversity. In size from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane.  In coat from the hairless Chinese Crested to the profuse coat of the Afghan. In anatomy from the short nose of a Pug to the long-nosed Bloodhound and that’s before you even think about the numerous ear shapes and eye shapes that make up the different breeds.

  • Through a Dog's Eyes

     5 minute read

    A dog's eyes are far more diverse than our own. The different shapes from almond to round and oval to triangular reflect the different jobs that dogs do and the different emotions they generate in their owners.
    I love a dark oval eye, for me it is the epitome of kindest.

  • Dog's Noses

    5 Minute Read ...

    Not only is the part of the brain that interprets all these scents 40 times larger than ours, it also has a remarkable memory and that’s the way that these fabulous animals remember us even when we may have been parted for many years.

    Learn more about noses on our YouTube channel HERE