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Anatomical Kinds Hands Tour - Scotland - Monday 24th July

Anatomical Kinds Hands Tour - Scotland - Monday 24th July

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Scottish venue to be confirmed shortly. - save the date

For 2023 we are expanding Julie's 'Kind Hands' concept to a whole day of learning. Theory teach will be combined with practical demonstrations and interactive experiences to really embed your knowledge.

Julie will be sharing her 'Kind Hands' grooming philosophy in detail to give you confidence with table handling.

This will cover:

Why the 'Kind Hands' philosophy can be a game changer to your grooming business.

Canine Anatomical structure - what to touch and how to handle, as well as what not to touch!

Skin and Coat - what makes dogs different and how to get the best results, including understanding products and how to select the best options for your groom.

We will provide a full day of dog grooming education from 9:30 to 4:00. There will be a lunch break and we will aim to provide shopping and sharpening at each location if there is interest.

Full terms & conditions are available here 

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