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Dog Grooming Student Support

Those of you that follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts @JulieHarrisEducation will know that we are passionate about education in grooming. We believe that in an un-regulated industry it's important to create our own standards of welfare, safety and handling. The level 3 syllabus teaches a groomer to look after pets in their care safely and be able to complete an independent groom and we want to support any student preparing for a Level 3 qualification.

In August 2020 we set up our Facebook level 3 student support for those who had planned to take their exam in June but were cancelled due to Covid-19. Relatively late on it was then announced the exams would take place on 8th September. PANIC!!!! Lots of students had missed out on valuable teaching time as their colleges had been closed since March. The group was then extended to November students who are currently waiting on their results.

The group was not pretty as we had no time to prepare but we did our best with live revision sessions and have had some great results so far. We were over-whelmed by how much students were willing to share their own knowledge and means of student, revision notes and ideas. We even had Alexa - the personal home assistant in on the action. We hope that it was a bonding and supportive environment for the 350+ class of 2020.

2021 and 2022 our students rocked it and we now have over 600 students in our group. If you would like to join scan the code:

With their encouragement we have now written and created our complete online Theory Course  - available to purchase. Read all about it here.

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