About Us

Julie Harris

I have always been passionate about the value of education and have worked really hard and invested a lot of time in my own. I didn't find learning at school easy and had to find my own ways to make information stick - silly rhymes, doodle drawings, recording myself talking - lots of different ways but the point is with hard work, being organised and finding the right way to learn for me, it did. I didn't always pass my exams first time but I stuck at it and got to where I wanted to be. 

A large part of my career has been teaching others - either in a commercial organisation, at a college or trainee groomers that work for me. I can honestly tell you that in all my years of teaching not one of my students has failed their exams.

My ability to share my knowledge to more trainee groomers has been a long held desire for a number of years and technology now makes this possible. 

I hope by sharing my knowledge with you we continue to raise grooming industry standards, gaining appreciation and awareness of the skills involved, but above all ensuring animals are handled and cared for safely, whilst being made to look FABULOUS!

Jo Hargraves

I met Julie in 2015 when I was Head of Marketing at Groomers Limited. I asked Julie to come in to do some training and I was blown away by the depth of knowledge a groomer needs to have; covering so many different aspects - animal handling, first aid, anatomy, product knowledge, business skills and that's even before we get to the practical skills to groom - control, dexterity, creativity, strength - the list goes on. I couldn't believe that training for all of those skills is optional and so many groomers are self taught. I have considerable experience in a number of product areas including food, hairdressing and cosmetics - industries for which you have to be qualified before you can go anywhere near a customer. Why is it different for dog grooming? Since meeting Julie I have been focused on finding ways to provide easier access to high quality grooming information. In 2020 Julie and I set up Julie Harris Education and we look forward to contributing to the continuing education of groomers.