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We are making some changes!

Our Julie Harris Signature range was launched in 2016 with the aim of creating a 'kit bag' of essential products to make your grooming life easier - using just 4 products for great prep and great finishing. It was created by us at a time when grooming products were confusing and dull. In the 7 years since the dog grooming market and the products available to you have changed considerably and it is now time for us to invest some more love into redeveloping our range and giving it a facelift. This will create some short-term pain as we update our range and make it 2023 worthy.
We understand that Coat Management in particular is a dependable favourite and we invite you to try My Groomer Recommends No More Knots with the code MGR10 to get 10% off while you are waiting for Coat Management to be available again. There is very little difference between the two and some of our customers tell us that they prefer it - particularly for lighter coats. Because it is designed for more frequent use it doesn't have quite as much 'slip' as the current Coat Management which also means that it doesn't make your floor slippery. Coat Management will be back in a few weeks.
The first of our new products is now available - Flea & Tick shampoo 5L. This is the same product as our My Groomer Recommends No More Fleas 250ml shampoo. We are really impressed with this products performance and it is worthy for use both at home and in the salon. 
During June, with each purchase we are shipping a free pack of flea & tick identification cards for you to share with your customers. We recommend you stock No More Fleas 250ml and if you have a customer with fleas, sell this as an add on to the groom for home use to break the hatching cycle.


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