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Massage Me De-Shedder
Massage Me De-Shedder
Massage Me De-Shedder
Massage Me De-Shedder

Massage Me De-Shedder

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We understand that many dogs don't like being brushed but that for good skin and coat health it is absolutely necessary. We have added this soft, silicon rubber massage brush to our range to help persuade dogs that brushing CAN be enjoyable. 

Use in the bath or on a dry coat with short, firm stokes. Be confident that this is pleasurable for dogs and great to stimulate the skin, helping to remove loose flakes. This brush is fantastic at removing soft, loose undercoat. The hair 'sticks' to the silicon prongs and is removed effectively with a firm brushing action. The longer teeth will get through fur to reach the skin and follicle helping loose hair to be removed from the coat.

Perfect for all double coated breeds, whatever their size - Chihuahua to Retriever.

Remember, when the clocks change dogs are likely to shed more. Read why in Julie's latest blog here

Benefits of deshedding with a massage tool:

  • Appropriate for all coat type
  • Avoids coat breakage
  • Helps create a healthy skin
  • Distributes sebum along the hair shaft
  • Spreads antibacterial properties through the coat and skin
  • Promotes a healthy shine
  • Gentle and promote bonding with your dog
  • Multifunctional, can be used in the bath and on household furnishings to remove hair
  • Never harsh can be used daily
  • Gently removes hair from the follicle 
  • Great on faces and hard to reach places
  • Accepted by even the most reactive dogs
  • Easy to hold, comfortable in the hand
  • No hand fatigue

Usage Tips:

  • Work in the direction of the coat growth
  • Short strokes are more effective and accepted by the dog
  • Always treat and reward

Available as singles or packs of 6 in mixed colours. - 3 each of - pink, and green. Individually bagged for hygiene.