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Cockapoos & Doodles Grooming - Digital Book

Cockapoos & Doodles Grooming - Digital Book

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Cockapoos & Doodles for Groomers Book

Learn how to Groom Cockapoos & Doodles. Sixteen pages of clear instruction to really help explain the trials and tribulations dealing with the many multiple coat and temperament combinations that Poodle crossbreeds can present you with.

Julie's style of teaching focuses on you gaining an understanding so you can assess a dog and the owner and make better-informed decisions and achieve great grooming results and professional customer relationships. Available as a digital file to view and print off as you prefer.

You may also be interested in our Cockapoos & Doodles Webinar for Groomers, where on completion, you will receive this digital book free of charge.

Julie has written a full range of dog grooming books for professional dog groomers or anyone wanting to learn how to groom a dog at home. They can also be used as support material for our online dog grooming courses.

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